Why India Doesn’t Have a National Game?

national game of India

What is the national game of India?

Since our school days, we have been taught that Jana Gana Mana is our National Anthem, the peacock is our national bird and Hockey is the national game of India. And till today we believe that it is true. But in fact, that is not at all true. Yes! is not our national sport. So now let you know what it is and why India doesn’t have a national game.

Well, you might by now surprised to know this fact, as you are taught to believe India’s national game was Hockey. You might even be shocked to hear this statement. To be more specific India does not know for its specific sport in ‘national game’.

How did we come to know this fact?

This fact came into limelight when a girl named Aishwarya Parashar of 12years old was more intentional to know about some declarations. So she took her first step forward with filing right to information (RTI) request directly to PM office seeking certified copies of the order that are associated with the declaration of the national bird, song, anthem, sport, flower, symbol, and India’s animal.

Then came into existence the actual hunt for the Indian national game that has been taken to the ministry of youth affairs and sports. Then it was declared that India does not have any national game associated with it. This has really become surprising news for everyone thinking why it has never occupied the position as the national sport of India. There are many reasons for it. However, most people assume that the international success of this been from Olympic inception in 1928 has made the game considered as a tribe name.

Facts behind why Hockey is not our national game

During the year 1928 to 1956, India has successfully owned 6 Olympic gold medals, and the success continued in 1980 with 11 Olympic awards. Even though it is considered as the fifth-best game throughout the world, there has been with disappointment associated with it, especially in international standards. It is too good to be true that success will have nothing to do, consider it as the national sports of India. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons for Hockey not to be considered as the national game.

And of course, next comes the popularity which is comparatively less when compared with cricket. Since 1981 world cup, cricket is not very much loved by the Indians. Letter on things started changing where the existence of new games took place with more popularity when compared to cricket. Perhaps popularity could never be a building block and is of course not the correct yardstick to consider any game as the national game.

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Another fact is that some restrictions will help in determining the status of national sports. However, both cricket, as well as Hockey, is considered to be relatively more expensive Sports. If you consider India’s national game as Hockey, each player should use a hockey stick along with synthetic ground area, and the same is the case with the cricket pitch-perfect requires a bat and a ball as well.

In addition to that, there are also some other there’s often required in the game that includes additional accessories suggest shoes, helmet, and gloves. And the Indian national game name was still unknown. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for spots inaccessibility to the larger sections population area.

If Hockey is not ‘National Sport of India’, then what is?

So far we have been considering that Hockey is the India national game for the stellar performance in the Olympic games. Many people still consider Hockey as our national game. Even though Hockey is the Olympic dispute at the 1928 game and the team finished with gold without conceding a single goal. If you simply consider the national sport of India there would be no other game which has given so many reasons to be more proud of.

After 1980 India has never won a single gold medal in Hockey. Since it was that time where cricket became the most popular game in India. Finally, in 2008 Indian national game name has drastic only failed to qualify for the Olympics and in 2012 we finished last. And finally, it has been declared that India is not the national game of India.


Image Source: “en.wikipedia.org”.

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