List of Top 10 Wild Animals in India

Wild Animals of India

Top 10 Wild Animals in India: Do you have a love for animals specially wild animals?

Have you ever visited any national park or wildlife sanctuary or have you gone on a jungle safari?

If your answer is yes, then you might be aware of the fact what a great experience it is to witness these wild animals live.

And if you haven’t seen them live, then we will recommend you to experience that at least once in your lifetime.

There is a wide range of wildlife and wild animals available in India. Dense forests are covering about 25% of their area.

There are a number of places in India to witness India’s beautiful wildlife and some of the rare wild animals. There are around 400 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, spread all over India. These wildlife reserves help in the conservation of wild animals and protect these animals from ill practices like poaching and provide them their natural habitat.

Apart from wild animals, our country is also blessed with a wide range of bird species and reptiles. There are also different types of snakes in the dense forest of India and India also has a wide range of flora and aquatic life.

But in this article, our main focus will be some of the best wild animals that are found in India. We will be discussing the top 10 wild animals in India.

So, here begins our list of the top 10 wild animals of India.

1. Royal Bengal Tiger

The first animal in the list of top 10 wild animals of India, is the national animal of India ‘Tiger’. Royal Bengal Tiger is mostly found in the region of West Bengal, near the Sundarban delta.

Due to the illegal killing of tigers for trading purposes of their body parts and skin, the population of tigers declined very much in the year 2012, when it was below 1000 and the tiger was declared as an endangered species.

But according to the Census of 2016, we have witnessed good growth in the number of tigers in India. The number has reached up to 2226 and the Kanha National Park of India has the largest population of tigers.

2. Great Indian Lion

”Asiatic” or the “Persian” lion, popularly called as “Indian Lion”, is the second wild animal in our list. There are about 523 lions in our country.

Initially, the lions were found in Central India and in northern Greece and in many other parts of the world but nowadays, the population of these lions is limited to only the ‘Gir Forest’ of India.

The great Indian lion symbolises strength, power, and sovereignty and is found on the “National Emblem of India”.

3. Indian Rhinoceros

Indian rhinoceros also called ‘one-horned rhinoceros’, is one of the largest and heaviest wild animals of India.
Its population is mostly located in the North-Eastern part of the country. Some parts of Nepal also have some of its population.

A lot of killing of rhinoceros took place for trading its body parts, due to which it’s population is decreasing day by day. Presently, there are about 3,555 rhinoceros in India.

The largest population of these animals is located in the ‘Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary’.

4. Indian Leopard

The next name in our list of top 10 wild animals is an Indian leopard.  It is one of the most dangerous-looking and beautiful members of the big cat family.

Due to poaching activities and trading of its body parts, it was declared ‘Endangered’ in 2008. Presently, the approximate population of the Indian Leopard is around 14,000.

5. Indian Elephant

This gigantic wild animal is one of the most loved and exotic wild animals. This animal has a major significant in Indian culture.

There was a good population of Indian Elephant in India, but in the last few years, it is declining and presently, there is about 31,368 elephant in the country.

The major population of the Indian elephant is located in the Indian state of Assam, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh.

6. Black Bear

The next animal in our list is the ‘Indian Black Bear’. This wild, omnivorous animal may look cute, but is very dangerous and have killed a number of humans in the past years.
Also, known as the ‘Himalayan Bears’, they are  mostly available in the Himalayan region of India

Apart from India, the major population of the black bear is available in countries like Japan, Taiwan, and China.

7. Indian Wild Buffaloe

One of the very interesting facts about wild buffaloes is that they are more in number in comparison to domestic buffaloes of India.

Also, called as the  ‘Asiatic buffalo’ or ‘the water buffalo’, the Indian wild buffalo is one of the major wild animal species of our country.
Its approx population is near to 4,000. Kaziranga National Park of Assam is the only home of these wild Indian buffaloes.

8. Indian Bison

Its population is only restricted to the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the most strong species of wild animals with an approximate population of  22,000 according to the latest census.

Places like Bandhavgarh, Kanha and some other Wildlife sanctuaries of India are the main home to these Indian Bison.

9. Nilgai

Blue bull, popularly called ‘Nilgai’, is the largest antelope of Asia. It looks like an ox, and thus got the name -“blue bull”.

It is mostly available in the northern part of India and has a population of over 1 million.

10. Indian Wild Ass

With a population of around 4,800, Indian wild ass is the last animal on our list of top 10 wild animals of India.

Mostly found in the Gujarat region of India, it is an endangered species with an average life span of 21-25 years.

Here, we end our list of top ten wild animals in India. Witnessing these wild animals will be great fun and adventure. So, the next time when you are planning for your holidays,  do think of going to any of the national parks or wildlife sanctuaries of India and experience the beauty of these WILD ANIMALS.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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