A Detailed Guide On Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

As the name says, these persons have the ability to influence the common people or at least a group of people.

Using influencers for promoting your brand is the trend at present. This is called influencer marketing.

When you are thinking about influencer marketing, you must try Instagram, as it is the best platform for doing that. In case you do not have the proper understanding and idea about Instagram influencer marketing, here is a complete guide for you.

We are starting this article by offering some basic understanding of Instagram influencer marketing and why you should do it.

What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

When a brand collaborates with a famous Instagrammer for creating, publishing, and promoting brand-sponsored photos or videos with the ambition of expanding brand awareness and also developing a positive brand identity for the large, engaged audience of the influencer, it is called influencer marketing.

This way you not only can get more likes on instagram but also develop brand awareness.

Why Do Businesses Need Instagram Influencer Marketing

When it comes to traditional marketing, customers do not trust them completely. Influencer marketing breaches this particular gap.

Here the viewers are getting introduced to the products from a trusted source, that is, the influencer, and also on an authentic casual platform like Instagram. When all those influencers recommend any service or product, it is considered as a trusted recommendation from a friend.

Isn’t it advantageous to brands? This way, the brands are getting direct access to their target markets.

You just need to partner with relevant influencers with an authentic and engaging voice for placing your business in front of people who have actual interests in your niche; thus, it becomes super easy to make a real, lasting impression.

How To Find The Right Influencer For Your Brand

Now, you get the basic idea and understanding about Instagram influencer marketing. Let’s be a little attentive in finding the right influencers. When you are considering an influencer, it is indeed the most challenging part.

For overcoming this challenge, first, you are required to be too clear about what you want from your influencer. Here is a guide for you on selecting the right influencer.

Search For Branded Hashtags

Search for all those influencers who are already a fan of your brand, and also create content about your products. Here, you can opt for a search using the branded hashtags/ this way, you will be able to find all those influencers with your brand-related content.

Expand Search For Relevant Hashtags 

In case you are not happy with the result from the above-mentioned technique, you also can search using the most relevant or adjacent hashtags. This will effectively narrow your search to a particular content type.

Use The Proper Influencer Marketing Tools

For simplifying your search, you also can take assistance from influencer marketing tools. These tools will give you a list of potential influencers on the basis of a relevant category or keyword. Here are some of the best tools.

  • Ninja Outreach.
  • Influence.co.
  • Activate.

Types Of Influencer Campaign On Instagram

When you are thinking about influencer marketing on Instagram and are already done selecting the influencer you want to work with, you need to have a clear discussion about what type of post you want from them on your behalf.

Here are the different options you have for your Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

Type 1: Sponsored Posts

Here, you are required to pay influencers for creating content on behalf of your brand, which they usually share with their Instagram followers. Those influencers will need to tag all those posts as being sponsored to meet legal disclosure requirements.

Type 2: Branded Content

Here, you are going to share posts through the Instagram account of your company. However, in the content, you will feature influencers.

Type 3: Reviews 

Here, the influencer will make posts reviewing your products. For keeping credibility with their audience, you have to let them be as honest as possible.

Type 4: Contests 

You also can send free products to the influencers, which they will use for their followers in a giveaway contest.

Start Your Influencer Marketing Campaign On Instagram

When you are starting your Instagram influencer marketing campaign, you first need to be really clear and particular about your requirements. This will include the type of influencer and also the type of influencer marketing.

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