5 Advantages of The Co-Sourcing Approach for Your Transcription Needs

Co-Sourcing Approach

If you want to combine services within and outside your business to achieve your goals, co sourcing is the best option. For example, some hospitals or practices want to retain both in-house transcriptionists while hiring outsourced services to ensure round-the-clock service. This setup is the perfect example of a co-sourced model. Take a look at the five advantages of employing this type of service to your organisation.

Enjoy Staff Flexibility

With a co-sourced model, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. For example, your in-house team can transcribe and deal with sensitive information. This ensures that whatever confidential information can stay within the company’s full-time employees. Meanwhile, this setup offers freedom to hire others when there are dictation backlogs or delays due to:

  • Holidays
  • Illness
  • Long service leave
  • Recruitment issues

Provide Free Time and Scalability

Doing in-house transcription consumes a lot of time, especially during busy seasons. By complementing this with an outsourced service, you provide in-house people in charge of transcription more time to focus on their regular projects.

As a result, you relieve excessive pressure and stress that can impact their performance. With more time, they will make fewer mistakes and ensure the accuracy of all reports. Besides, with better attention and focus on each project, you can feel at ease and focus on other things that bring in profit.

Conserve Precious Resources

With co sourcing, you can achieve quality results without wasting precious resources. Keeping a few dedicated in-house transcriptionists assure that you always have reliable help when you need them. At the same time, an outsourced service assures that you can rely on a team when work volume increases.

In the latter, you don’t have to pay fixed salaries and other benefits. This move will also save you on the following:

  • Office space
  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Utilities

Enjoy Access to Specialised Staff When Needed

Though you have access to in-house transcriptionists, there will be times when you need specialised services. Transcription companies provide subject area specialities with experts that can readily transcribe audio without glitches. When you rely on this higher level of service, you can expect quality transcripts quickly.

Remember, using in-house staff with no specialisation can lead to inaccurate reports and more delays. Thus, it is best to rely on both in-house and outsourced services to get you what you need when you need them.

Reduce Burden on Human Resource Staff

When you outsource some of your services, you can give your HR department a reprieve. This means they will spend less time supervising employees. As a result, they don’t have to fret over new hires, training procedures and your HR team can focus their attention on other crucial tasks.

Seek Support and Services

With a transcription service provider backing you up, you have extra support and services at your disposal. Thus, if you have any queries or problems that you need to solve, they can get you the solutions you need. For example, if an in-house staff becomes sick, they can readily provide a top-notch reliever to ensure your operations do not stop. At the same time, if the size of your operation suddenly increases, you can address temporary recruitment issues and budget constraints with ease.

Remember, success at the co-sourced model hinges on the transcription services you use. Thus, you must vet the company you collaborate with. Ensure they have years of experience with a highly trained staff that can give you accurate materials. The last thing your company needs is to lose more precious time editing poorly transcribed documents.

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