The Best Malayalam Movies Of All Time you Must Watch Before Die

Best Malayalam Movies Of All Time

Best Malayalam Movies Of All Time: Malayalam cinema is not only competing with Bollywood but also with other cinemas in the world around. Below is the list of the top 10 best Malayalam movies. Each movie has its unique traits. By watching these movies, one can find thrill, while the other can enjoy comedy, the romance can entertain one while the other can be loved by the story. 

List of best Malayalam movies of all time

Big B (2007)

Big B was one of the best thriller Malayalam movies of 2007. In this movie, a mother of the four adopted sons is killed brutally. Their mother works as a social worker in this movie, before her murder, they live separately, but when their mother dies, they again become reunited and does their best to avenge her mother’s death.

Naalu Pennungal (2007)

It is one of the best Malayalam movies ever. In this movie, there are the characters of four different women at different stages of their life. All of them have their problems which they want to express. In this movie, one of the women cannot be married because she is a prostitute. The other is left helplessly by her husband. One of them is a housewife, but she cannot conceive children, and the last one is accused of having an affair. In such circumstances, they all are hoping to get out of the tense situation one day and can live the lives of their will.

Loudspeaker (2009)

There are only a few movies where the Mammooty has played a simple character. This movie is about the story or Mike Philippose. It is an evergreen Malayalam movie of all time. In this movie, the character is always trying to make people happy. He aims to take peoples’ sadness away and make them smile. The overall story of this movie isn’t very much fascinating, but the acting has made this movie a must watch Malayalam movie.

Neelathamara (2009)

This movie is the remake of an old film that also has the same title. It is one of the best Malayalam movies ever. In this movie, the story clearly shows us about love, faith, and women. In this movie, it is shown that how people from different backgrounds can be brought together. The actors have worked with excellent coordination with one another, which could quickly get the eyes of the movie’s lovers.

Pranchiyettan & The Saint (2010)

This movie is about a man who is very rich and wants to be well-known by the people than his present status. This is one of the best comedy Malayalam movies. The Pranchi’s imaginary talks, and then the arrival of the saint to his real-life who shows the way of becoming famous is worth watching.

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Urumi (2011)

Urumi is the set of the 16th century. The famous Bollywood actress Vidya Ballan has also taken part in this classic Malayalam drama movie. It is one of the best historical Malayalam drama movies. The story runs around urumi-wielding and the ferocious Ayesha. One can be entertained by the action shown in the film, and the music has done its part also.

Traffic (2011)

It is one of the top-rated Malayalam movies of all time. The movie director of the film was inspired by the real incident happened in Chennai, the film “Traffic is about the events that are interconnected in most significant ways with one another. It is one of the best Malayalam movies. There is a total of 9 unique typescripts whose characters are interlinked with one another at the same point.

Ustad Hotel (2012)

It is one of the best Malayalam movies ever. In this movie, Faizi is just a little kid, but he is a fascinating chef. But his parents think that being a chef is miserable and not a good job to avail. In the movie where his father does not help him in building his setup of the business, then he decides to run away from home. It is all his grandfather who helps him in building his business in Kerala.

Thattathin Marayathu (2012)

When you are eager to watch a romantic Malayalam movie, then you should go to “Thattathin Marayathu”. This is one of the best romantic releases of the Malayalam cinema. In this movie, Vinod falls in love with Aisha because of her beautiful veil over her face. But Vinod does not know that Aisha is the daughter of a powerful politician who will do anything to separate them up.

Mumbai Police (2013)

It is one of the best thriller movies of 2013 in Malayalam cinema. In this movie, the main character, who is acting as a Mumbai police officer in the film lost his memory in an accident. On the other hand, he is the only way to find out the murderers of his friend. He tries to seek help from people so that he can remember something about the investigation of his friend’s murder.

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