Did you Know that Dracula had a Castle?

Bran Castle

When you hear the word, “Dracula” you probably think about that bloodthirsty undead creature who feasted on human blood.  But there is another Dracula. His name was Vlad III Dracula and he was a ruler of what is now Transylvania in Romania. Vlad is most noted for his many accomplishments, many of which are arcane.  This article will discuss his castle in detail.

About Dracula’s castle 

Vlad built Bran Castle in what is now Transylvania.  He never lived in this castle though. Some basic information about the castle is mentioned below:

  • Address:  Strada General Traian, Mosoiu 24, Bran 507025, Romania
  • Telephone:   4 0268 237-700
  • Email:  office@bran-castle.com

How to reach Bran’s castle?

You have many options if you want to reach Bran’s castle.

  • Car
  • Bus 
  • Train
  • Taxi
  • Plane

By car

You can always hire a private car if you want to go to Bran’s castle. A good service is  Getcabro

By Bus

Good bus service is Autobuze Brasov

By Train

There is a good train service to Bran’s castle.

By Taxi

Believe it or not, you can actually take an Uber to Bran’s castle

By plane

All major airlines fly to Bran’s castle from the USA.  They include

About Bran castle

Bran castle started out as a fortress in 1211.  It was built by the Knights of the Teutonic Order.  They built it to defend their vast trade routes that spanned the Carpathian Mountains.  The castle you see today materialized in 1377 when the then King Louis I of Hungary commissioned the Saxons who lived in Transylvania (near Brasov) to build a castle.  This castle was designed to defend what was then the Kingdom of Wallachia from attacks from the Ottomans who wanted to incorporate it (Wallachia) into their vast and growing Empire.  Construction on the castle was completed in 1388.

Bran Castle’s appearance

Bran Castle rests on a hilltop, so it has a towering and majestic presence.  Its exterior is impressive with its many towers and turrets. Its pink color serves as a pleasant contrast to the greenery of the Romanian countryside.  You will have to climb up a long and winding staircase to enter Bran Castle. Many fortress ramparts will greet you along your journey. The interior is just as grand and beautiful.

Bran Castle from the inside

What puts Bran Castle on the global map is its museum.  While it is not unusual for castles to be converted to museums for tourists to explore, Bran Castle’s museum differs because it displays weapons and armory that were used in Eastern Europe from the 15th to the 19th centuries.  For example, King Ferdinand’s daggers are on display there. Bran castle also has many winding stairways and underground cellars that make exploring its many rooms real fun.  

Some interesting facts about Bran Castle

Since Bran Castle was built as a residence for Wallachia’s ruling elite, many kings, queens, princesses, and princes have lived there.  One noted royal figure was Queen Marie who lived in the castle in the early 20th century. She loved the castle, so she gave it a royal makeover.  Her extensive remodeling and renovation efforts are why the castle looks so beautiful today. She also ensured that the castle was refit with the modern conveniences of the time including running water and indoor sanitation. 

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More about Bran Castle

Queen Marie also commissioned a small chapel to be built inside the chapel to allow the royal family to have a convenient place to worship.  She created a greenhouse and had gardeners grow plants and flowers from around the world to create the vasts gardens that currently make Bran Castle so famous.  An artificial lake was created and populated with swans to give the castle a more natural look. 

Queen Marie’s apartment in Bran Castle

Queen Marie had an apartment in Bran Castle.  She was an art critic and lover so she hung many unique photos and paintings.  These pieces of artwork made her feel at home in the castle. Her apartment was fully furnished with the most modern and elegant furniture and china available at the time.  It was extensive and included a bedroom, a bathroom, a dining area, a hall area, a dressing room, and two salons. She decorated her apartment with many unique and interesting statues, icons, and books. 

About King Ferdinand

King Ferdinand ruled with Queen Marie in the early 20th century.  He also had an apartment in Bran Castle. It had a dining room and all rooms associated with modern apartments.  He liked finer things so he decorated his apartment with ornate furniture. 

Bran Castle’s curios

One of Bran Castle’s curios is a collection of Romanian pottery.  These pieces have both sentimental and economic value because of their designs and scenery which depict the best of Romanian culture.  The castle also has beautiful chandeliers and other fixtures hanging from the ceiling. This gives it a more romantic feel, especially at night.  

Bran’s Castle is a must-see

Bran’s Castle is at the heart of Romania’s history and culture.  It houses many artifacts that represent life in Romania, both around the time it was built and for the royal family.  Bran’s Castle is a must-see building for this reason!

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