Four Common Uses for DNA Testing

DNA Testing

The use of DNA to identify individuals and establish genetic relationships has become far more widespread in recent decades. There are seemingly countless applications for a home DNA test kit in modern society and some people might be able to benefit from this technology in ways that they had not previously realized. For anyone who is not sure whether there is any reason to obtain such testing, keep reading for a few of the most common reasons the people cite for learning more about their genetic makeup.

To Establish Paternity

One of the ways that DNA testing is used by courts and mediators to establish whether an individual has fathered a child. This can be especially important when considering whether a person owes child support. While this has historically been accomplished by obtaining DNA material from the suspected father, it does not have to be a direct source. The current methods of conducting such tests is sensitive and thorough enough to allow for the DNA from a sibling, parent, or even grandparent of the individual to determine whether there is enough genetic material to establish a match.

To Track Ancestry

While there have always been family trees and other records of ancestry within a family, such resources have become increasingly rare and are notoriously filled with inaccurate information. Given the strengths and reliability of any modern home DNA test kit such as CRI Genetics, however, it is very simple and relatively inexpensive to obtain the proper amount of information to develop an extensive history of family members and relatives that might come as a surprise. Since this information is based on genetics, it is possible that some of the discoveries will not be included even in the most meticulous records of family historians. Of course, it is important to be prepared for a possible surprise. Nevertheless, individuals have increasingly used these services to establish bonds with history and develop a more informed view of their family’s roots.

To Promote Longevity

As medical advancements keep pace with recent technological breakthroughs, it is understandable to look for ways that the two industries can intersect. There are many interesting possibilities and a variety of innovative companies are establishing new possibilities for people who want to remain as healthy as possible. Using information contained within a person’s DNA can help determine whether there are any risk factors for possible diseases and disorders. For example, certain types of cancer are known to be passed from one generation to another. When it is possible to check for genetic markers that could be tied to such illnesses, it is possible for people to be on the lookout and take preventative measures that could prevent a possible negative outcome in the future. Although there are many variables at play and no home DNA test kit should take the place of regular consultations with a physician, it can play an important role in establishing a healthy lifestyle and remaining healthy for as long as possible.

To Identify Suspects

There are several hit television shows dedicated to the way that DNA can be used in criminal investigations to help identify suspects and track down clues. Such material is commonly left behind at a crime scene even by the most careful criminals. All it takes is a small amount to perform DNA testing that can definitively link a suspect to a particular scene and is frequently introduced during trials to help secure a conviction or lead to reasonable doubt that can result in an acquittal. In addition to serving as an important factor for investigators interested in solving recent crimes, DNA has also helped bring resolution to cold cases dating back many decades. If you are thinking of a good business to start off, you can franchise a crime scene cleanup.

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