Top 10 Leading FMCG Companies in India

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Top 10 Leading FMCG Companies in India: FMCG refers to Fast Moving Consumer goods. These are the low price goods that are being used and sold out quickly like, packed food, toiletries, beauty, and many others.

All the products like packed food, dairy products, detergents, soap, electric cells, creams, razors, shaving creams fall under the list of FMCG products.

There are some companies that you might not have heard about some companies but must have used their products. Here, you will get to know the parent company as well as the products.

It is fun to know that FMCG is the fourth largest sector of the Indian economy.

List of top FMCG companies in India

Hindustan Unilever:

You might not have noticed this name on a number of products you purchase but this is the parent company of so many everyday products of your life.

One of the top FMCG companies in India, Hindustan Unilever produces more than 35 products of daily use.

The FMCG products from HU include Fair & Lovely, Surf Excel, Dove, Sun silk, Pears, Closeup toothpaste and many others.


This FMCG company is another giant of the FMCG industry in India with a second-highest annual turnover of FMCG products.

They manufacture all the kind of FMCG products and most of them are loved by the consumers making it a big brand. No matter, beauty, eatables or faith, they have a product for everything.

The major products of the company include Sunfest, Ashirwad, Bingo, Yippee, Savlon, Mangal deep Agarbatti, and cigarette like Wills Navy cut, Gold Flake, Bristol.


Nestle is a name that everyone must have heard in India and in other countries as well. It is the largest food company among the list of top FMCG companies in India or the world.

Nestle produces more than 200 brands and products in different forms.  They are the largest in terms of consumer products as well as packed food.

They products multiple products like coffee, soups, sauces, chocolates, KitKat, bottled water and their very famous product Maggi noodles.

Colgate Palmolive:

The Indian market has heard and utilized the first name of the company a lot of times but the second name and its relation with Colgate is questionable.

Colgate Palmolive is an America based company that has a large market in India. They have a number of products in terms of beauty and dental health.

All their products for dental health are sold under the name of Colgate. It includes toothpaste, Mouthwash, and Cibaca.

Their Beauty products like, shampoo, soap, hair conditioner, etc. are sold with the tag of Palmolive.

Britannia Industries:

A name that is considered to be the oldest name in the Indian market and the FMCG industry.

The company is now a part of Wadia Group and has a number of products loved by the consumers of the country.

The products from this company include biscuits and cookies mostly under the tag of Britannia and Tiger.

Some of the most famous products of the company are Good day, Marie Gold, 50-50, Tiger Crunch and many others.


Marico is one of the companies that operate in consumer products and services and is able to generate one of the highest turn-over out of it.

You must have used their products but might have missed the name of the company that produces them.

The major products from Marico are Saffola oil, Parachute hair oil, Nihar hair oil, Livon, and the men’s favorite Set Wet products are also produced by Marico.

Procter & Gamble:

Another name that you might have missed behind the tags of the products you use in daily life but P&G is a giant in the FMCG industry.

They produce mostly products for personal care with a wide range of products for different usage.

P & G has a product with some very famous and loved names in the India market. Their major products are Gillette brand for razors, Tide and Ariel laundry industry, Pampers, Whisper, Oral-B, Duracell, and many other products.


You might have heard the name of the company in terms of some other kind of products but they are a massive name in the FMCG industry as well.

The Godrej Group is owned by the Godrej Family themselves. Godrej offers a wide variety of FMCG products that are highly used by Indian consumers.

The products from the company include all the soaps and other products from Cinthol, Shikakai Soap, Ezee, the liquid detergent brand, and shaving creams as well.

Not just these, the anti-insect agent of most of the houses Goodnight is also a product from Godrej. It is one of the most renowned names in the industry specially being an Indian company.


A giant and a very known name in the dairy industry of India is Amul. They have all kinds of dairy products.

It is a great achievement being the largest producer of milk and milk products and being one of the top 10 FMCG companies.

Their major products include Ghee, Cream, Cheese, Butter, Dahi, packed milk and many others.

Patanjali Ayurveda:

This time we have a company that needs no introduction but everyone knows everything about them.

They are the fastest-growing FMCG company in the country and produce minerals and herbal products.

Patanjali has a product for each consumer and has a long list of it. They produce things for beauty, women, men, eatable, household, dental, health and everything else.

In recent times, they have transformed a huge mass of people from other companies into their consumer list.

Patanjali marketed itself as a swadeshi company. So a mass of consumers is also there in the market that buys all the products only from Patanjali. They didn’t like any other companies product and prefer for a swadeshi brand.

They have got a wide and powerful grip on the market now that will be a difficult task to loosen that hold.

Conclusion: – Some of the names might be new to you and we would love to know the products you use and trust upon. Share your views in the comment box.

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