Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies in India of 2019

highest grossing movies in india

No doubt year 2019 can be considered as a legendary year as there are many highest grossing movies in India that are released this year. As it has given many super hits and blockbuster movies to our Indian audience and still these superhit films are coming back to back to entertain us. Even film made on small budgets this year had shaken the whole box office. Thanks to our Indian audience who gave this much love and affection not only to Bollywood movies but also to Hollywood and Tollywood blockbusters.

In short, I would like to say-

“Love you all 3000”

List of top 10 highest grossing movies in India 2019.




Language: Hindi

Budget : 50cr

Worldwide Gross: 356.6cr (still running)

Worldwide Share: 142.6cr (still running)

Domestic Nett: 268.9cr (still running)

Verdict: Double Blockbuster as of now!

Shahid Kapoor has acted as a medical student who falls in love with a fresher girl at first sight. Later on, he gets too addicted to drinking and drugs when his girlfriend forced by her parents to marry another guy. The film is a remake of Tollywood film Arjun reddy.  This movie is among the list of highest grossing Indian movies.


Language: English (original)

Budget: $700 million

Worldwide gross – $2.791 billion

Earning from India- 243cr

Verdict-Worldwide blockbuster.

After a massive success of an Avengers Infinity war. Marvel’s another great movie in which avengers reunite to save the Earth from Thanos. They travel through time to collect all the infinity war. A gloomy sadness gets created among the audience as we loose two avengers Black Widow and Iron man. At present this movie is on the top position of Hollywood’s highest grossing movies in India.

A famous dialogue from this movie is “LOVE YOU 3000”.


Language: Hindi

Budget : 30cr

Worldwide Gross: 332cr

Worldwide Share: 133cr

Domestic Nett: 242cr

Verdict: Huge Blockbuster

Another great movie based on our Indian army, presenting a surgical strike on Pakistani terrorist flourishing on LOC “Line of CONTROL”. A fellow soldier dies between the movies during a surgical strike, which encourages his brother to join the surgical strike against the terrorist. This movie is based on a real surgical strike done by the Indian army in Pakistan territory. The whole movie is dedicated to our crazies and brave Indian Army.


Language: Hindi

Budget : 125cr

Worldwide Gross: 307cr

Worldwide Share: 123cr

Domestic Nett: 200cr

Verdict: Below Average

A Film by Salman Khan in the role of a boy as Bharat. The film represents the conditions of new India during the time of its independence. The Bharat and his family decide to travel a Herculean journey for freedom at any cost. The boy named Bharat promises himself and his father to keep his family together in hard times.


Language: Hindi

Budget : 75cr

Worldwide Gross: 229.5cr

Worldwide Share: 91.8cr

Domestic Nett: 135cr

Verdict: Hit

A film by Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt. Ranbir Singh acted as a gully rapper of Mumbai and Alia Bhatt as his girlfriend. The gully rapper becomes a hit rapper by the time in the movie. The whole film is dedicated to the current situation of the rappers of Mumbai. A famous dialogue of this movie is “Apna Time Ayega”.


Language: Tamil

Budget : 125cr

Worldwide Gross: 225cr

Worldwide Share: 118cr

Domestic Nett: 131.3cr

Verdict: Above Average

An action movie from Tollywood cast. Rajinikanth as Kalli who is a hostel warden. He fights for his friend Anwar. A turn comes in Kalli’s life when he faces dangerous local gangsters.


Language: Hindi

Budget : 105cr

Worldwide Gross: 222cr

Worldwide Share: 88.8cr

Domestic Nett: 150cr

Verdict: Hit

Just like Dhamaal, this film is also quite successful. This film based on a story of a group of middle-class people who comes to know about treasure and again the race begins to achieve the treasure.


Language: Hindi

Budget : 100cr

Worldwide Gross: 202cr

Worldwide Share: 80.8cr

Domestic Nett: 151cr

Verdict: Hit

A film by Akshay Kumar as a sergeant under the rule of Britishers. The movies represent the scene of the battle of Saragarhi. A group of 21 Sikhs fights bravely till death against 10,000 Afghans. Definitely, you will get goosebumps after watching this movie.


Language: Telugu

Budget: 90cr

Worldwide Gross: 184.6cr

Worldwide Share: 108.6cr

Domestic Nett: 138.5cr

Verdict: Hit

A south film in which Rishi a big businessman comes to his homeland after a long time. Later On, he struggles for the local farmers. This south Indian blockbuster movie also comes in the list of highest-grossing movies in India.

10. SUPER 30

Language: Hindi

Budget : 100cr

Worldwide Gross: 208.90cr

Worldwide Share: 36.06cr

Domestic Nett: 172.84cr

Verdict: Hit

A recent movie by Hrithik Roshan as a renowned mathematician of Patna Anand Kumar, who starts a coaching class “super 30” for the students who want to take admission in IIT colleges. This movie from Bollywood also comes in our list of highest-grossing movies in India of 2019.


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