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What is Hindilinks4u?

Hindilinks4u is a downloading video site through which the user can watch all movies, be it hits or not. This website runs on the domain name “www.hindilinks4u.to”. An Andriod app is also available for this site to download videos. From the moment this application has launched, it has provided the user with a catalog of films, which have been superhits. The best part about this application is that its free and works without any advertisement. If you are a fan of movies and searching for an app through which you can watch videos, then hindilinks4u is an excellent option.

Another best think about this application is that all the movies are uploaded in categories. So, the user who is working on the application will be able to look for the film with the help of a catalog and types. All the movies are played in good standard quality. So, this way, you will be able to watch the movie without busting your data.

The disappearance of hindilinks4u!

Due to specific legal issues and legalities, the website had to be disappeared. Hindilinks4u is a site that is based on torrent protocol. Through this protocol, the user can stream movies. The best part about this application apart from the fact that it is free is that the user can view the movies in different qualities; it starts from low till full-HD. One issue is that some of the movies don’t have subtitles. If your internet connection isn’t right, then the application’s loading speed will be perfect, but if it isn’t, then it will be a bit tough for you.

Things to keep in mind

One thing the user of this application should keep in mind is that this application, like any other application, will consume a lot of bandwidth. If you are one of those who have restricted internet data in their hands, then it can become challenging to view movies in this application. So it would help if you used Wi-Fi for operating the application. This way, you will be able to enjoy the application and won’t get disturbed by the issues caused by the connection speed.

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Another question that arises Is Hindilinks4u Bollywood movie Download Safe?

While downloading the movies through hindilinks4u, a lot of pop upstarts to automatically come up on the screen. Not only do they pop up, but they start to open too. Because of this, unwanted and corrupt scripts start to download in the phone or in any other device through which this application is being operated. Because of this issue, any virus or any harmful code can damage your device also.

Features of Hindilinks4u that make this app worth it

  • With the help of this application, anyone can watch any movie or video series that they wish to watch
  • The user can download the movie or the video and watch it even when there is no internet.
  • The application doesn’t crash, so the user can easily watch the movie or videos without any disruptions.
  • The application comes with super-fast servers, and these servers help the user in streaming the videos at their desired speed.
  • The size of the application is very light. It means that it will not consume a lot of the CPU space of your smartphone.


Hindilinks4u is an excellent application through which the user can download or watch videos and the latest movies. In this article, I have tried to cover everything regarding the application. I hope this article was helpful to you.

Note: We want to make one thing clear that our site is not encouraging any of its readers to visit this site or make use of this site for downloading any kind of film or other videos from Hindilinks4u. Piracy is a criminal offense and thus, using a site like Hindilinks4u may result in some legal actions. The above given information is only for information purposes.

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