How Much Do Vinyl Windows Cost?

Vinyl Windows

If you fancy the appeal of wood windows but you don’t have enough money to buy these windows, then you will be happy to know you can achieve the same at a lower cost if you opt for vinyl window replacement. Vinyl windows are the perfect cost alternative to wood windows.

These windows are available in different sizes, shapes, and prices. They are energy efficient and appealing. Since there are myriad of them, the cost also varies greatly. However, the average cost of replacement vinyl windows is $400-$800. However, for double-hung vinyl windows, the average cost starts at $550.

Vinyl window costs

National average cost $550
Minimum cost $200
Average range $440-$800
Maximum cost $2000

The Cost of Vinyl Windows by Type

  • Single-Hung Vinyl Windows

These are standard windows in most homes. By design, these windows come with two sashes with the top sash fixed and the bottom sash operable. The price of modern single hung vinyl windows ranges from $100-$400 per unit. However, this price could exceed this range depending on the layers of glass panes and other additional features.

  • Decorative Vinyl Windows

The difference between these vinyl windows from the others is that they have specific aspects that make them more appealing such as non-common shapes, texture trims, and colors. These windows are normally fixed windows and come in different shapes such as triangle, octagonal, or round. The price ranges from $100-$1000. Because of their unique shapes, there is usually the challenge of installation which makes the installation cost quite high- ranging from$800 to $1000 per average home.

  • Vinyl Awning Replacement Windows

Vinyl window replacement units are designed to open from the bottom to the top. As such, their hinges are located at the top frame. They operate with the help of a handle crack mechanism fixed at the bottom edge of the window unit. Once used together with casement units, these window units can be quite appealing and ideal for areas that need ventilation. Their average cost is $225-$795 per unit. In most cases, they are used alongside larger fixed windows such as a picture window that has a larger width than the height. When used this way, it is always installed on the bottom.

  • Double Hung Vinyl Window Units

Most people confuse this type of window with single hung windows but they are different. However, it’s true you cannot differentiate the two unless you come closer. In double-hung windows, both upper and lower sash slide independently to open as allowing for more ventilation as opposed to single-hung windows where only one sash opens. The average cost of these windows is $150-$650. So, you would expect to spend from $1200 to $5200 if you have a house with at least eight windows. Most homeowners pay an average of $175 for installation for each window.

  • Picture Vinyl Units

These window replacement units are admired because they offer large are for external viewing while still allowing more light to enter your rooms.  Usually used installed in sitting rooms, these units are expansive glass fixed on the wall. That means they luck mullions and are single pane. They are some of the less expensive windows in the market with their prices ranging from $200 to $1500. However, this price depends on the size, design, and whether you need any customization.

It is not recommended to DIY picture vinyl window replacement unless you are competent to do so and you have the right tools. On average, expect to pay on average $125-$400 per window for installation.

  • Vinyl Casement Window Units

Casement windows offer unobstructed views since they don’t have millions, which could interfere with natural light penetration, or outdoor view. The panels are fixed vertically on the hinges and open horizontally to the outside using a crack. A window unit costs on average $250-$550 with the installation costs ranging from $110-$225 per window based on the location and design of the window.

  • Sliding Vinyl Windows

These windows come in different designs and sizes and are liked because of their ease of operation since they don’t require a crack or lifting. They open horizontally by sliding on a rail. A typical homeowner spends an average of $200-$600 per window unit and installation costs ranging from $100-$400.

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