How To Care For Your Dodge Ram 1500 and Operate It In An Emergency?

Dodge Ram 1500

You cannot expect your truck to perform at its best without proper maintenance. Designed to handle the most challenging applications, the RAM 1500 is built to last. However, even the most powerful trucks require their owners to take good care of them.

Also, emergencies can occur all of a sudden, for example, losing your truck’s key. You might think that starting a Dodge without a key might be challenging, but don’t worry; it’s a piece of cake if you’re using the proper technique

Read on to learn how to care for your Dodge RAM 1500 in five easy ways and operate it in an emergency.

Keep it clean

Shiny and clean vehicles are more than just eye candy! It takes some effort to wax the paintwork, but it will help your Dodge stay protected against bad weather. Bird droppings, mud, and chipped paint can accelerate corrosion on metalwork.

Waxing and washing your truck protects its paint and prevents dirt from collecting on its wheels, engine, and interior. For example, the salt used on the road can build up in the underbelly of your vehicle over time and cause corrosion.

Inspect the cooling system

Breakdowns usually occur as a result of overheating during the warm summer months. The coolant in your truck is critical to keeping the engine at the ideal operating temperature. Additionally, the AC and Heat require antifreeze to function correctly. Test the water to antifreeze ratio. The antifreeze thins out when there is too much water, preventing the engine from working properly.

Keep the keys safely

Many truck owners tend to be careless about their vehicle’s keys. Therefore, to avoid losing them in an emergency, you should always keep your keys in a safe place. You can either attach a key ring to it or create a place solely meant to keep them.

Check for brake wear or failure

There are several incidents of brake failure on the roads which are often the cause of vehicle damage and injury to third parties. Make sure to have your truck brakes routinely inspected by a professional to avoid such accidents.

The parts of brakes wear out over time and must be replaced regularly. The brake shoe built into the pads indicates when to replace the brakes. You should install new brake springs, bushings, and pins at that time.

Check tire pressure

Although Dodge tires have excellent traction in winters, it does not last forever. If you want its tires to be good for every season, they require regular maintenance. While driving on roads, the tire pressure changes, or maybe they need a repair or replacement. Therefore, during every truck maintenance service or every time you visit a mechanic, don’t forget to get the tire pressure checked.

How to start Dodge RAM 1500 without a key?

So here’s the part that you were eagerly waiting for. Starting a dodge without a key can easily be done with even your finger. Firstly, insert your pinky finger into the keyhole and try to turn the ignition on and off, signaling the engine that the key isn’t working properly. Now, hold the key fob beside your pinky finger and keep on moving it in the prior motion. After some time, the engine will start, and you will be off on your journey.


Routine service on your Ram truck ensures its continued high performance. These tips will dramatically improve its longevity and avoid emergencies when you need to use alternative methods to start your truck.

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