How to Delete or Deactivate my Facebook Account?

how to delete facebook account

Facebook is a great thing. It helps us in connecting to people across the world. We make so many friends online. Apart from making friends, we do other sorts of thing. Such as news feed, uploading pictures, audios and much more. There comes a time when we want to take a break from the social site.

The reason can be vast. Some people feel used of social media kills a lot of time, to some people it feels unsafe and they are a long list of reasons. Whatever be the reason, deactivating your Facebook account means to disable your Facebook account and make it inactive by disconnecting the account from Facebook. Some of you might know this already and some of you may be unfamiliar to this process. So, such people do not need to worry.

Let us know what happens when you deactivate your FB account.

  • Deactivating doesn’t mean you can’t reactivate your Facebook account. You can do it whenever you wish.
  • While your account is de-activated no one can view your timeline. They won’t be able to search for you and your account.
  • People won’t be able to view your profile either.
  • The messages that you have sent and the comments you have done are still visible.
  • If you think you will lose your activity and friends that you have added to your account, then it is not the truth. Your info and interests will be safe. When you reactivate your account everything will be the same.

Deleting one’s account is totally different from deactivating. Following things happen when you delete your Facebook account:

  • Once you drop a request for deleting your account, it is delayed intentionally for a few days.
  • If during that delay period you open or log in the account, the delete request is terminated.
  • Once your account is deleted, then it is not possible to access the deleted account. That means once you have deleted and not opened it within 2-3 days then it will be deleted permanently.
  • But after 90 days only your data which is in back-up gets deleted.
  • However, just like the deactivation process your profile and info aren’t reachable on Facebook, during this period.
  • Your messages will be visible always. These messages are the one that you have sent to others.
  • But the data about the record of Facebook log will always remain stored in the database of Facebook. This is due to the policy of the company.

How to deactivate Facebook account?

First of all, you need to open Facebook. Fill in your login credentials and then your profile will show up.

  • Click on the home page of your Facebook account and you will be directed to the home page of your profile.
  • Now take the mouse cursor and click on the arrow of the menu dropdown. This is at the top right of your profile on the Facebook web browser.
  • Select the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Now go for the ‘General’ that appears in the left of the column.
  • Then click on the ‘Manage your account’ option.
  • There you will find an option of ‘Deactivate your account’. Click on it.
  • Now you will be asked to fill the credentials such as your id and the password.
  • After filling those, you will find some option stating the reason behind the deactivation of your account. Choose the one which is relevant to you and if your reason is not mentioned in the option then you can provide your reason in the space provided below.
  • And then click on the continue button just to confirm your deactivation.

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How to delete Facebook account permanently?

Now, let us see the process of deleting FB account but before that make sure to download and save the data of your Facebook account.

  • Take the cursor to the down menu arrow.
  • Click on the down menu arrow option.
  • Click on the settings and then you will find “Your Information” at the left-hand side. Click on it.
  • Now you will see “Delete your account and information” option. Select it.
  • You will ask to fill in your password. After entering the password just click on the “Continue” to delete your account permanently from the Facebook.

Basically, deactivation is an easy way to disable your Facebook account for some time.  But deleting your account will remove your account forever from the Facebook.

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