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Dubai is a beautiful place to live, work and enjoy life to the fullest. People move to Dubai; because they feel that Dubai has a lot to offer when it comes to living a lifestyle. Town Square is located in the outskirts of Dubai, a quiet community with plenty of townhouses and luxurious apartments.

The high-qualified Nshama Group develops the Town Square community. The project is a powerful residential project that offers beautiful landscapes, contemporary homes and uncountable facilities.

If you are interested in living in this beautiful and elite community, explore with us the best townhouses and apartments for rent in Town Square.


Town Square Dubai’s location is prime, as it is near to the intersecting roads of Emirates and Al Qudra. The size of the project is expansive; hence it is considered as a pure suburb.

The residents of Town Square are pretty happy and content with their lives, as they feel that the houses are huge and green. The parking spaces are sufficient, and the rents are affordable as well. The neighbourhood is also peaceful, and there are various facilities available for the residents.

The list of amenities is impressive and comes with many happening activities that further attract the population. Skatepark, splash pad, battle pad, restaurants, retail outlet; your name and Town Square Dubai have it. The lush green parks are enormous and cover an area of 154,000 sq.m.

The jogging trails are impressive, too, as they make you feel like living a healthy and active life. If you are living a retiring life, this community can serve as a charming one. Let’s go through some of the most popular and happening areas with townhouses for rent in Town Square Dubai.


According to the rents and statistics, the most popular area and community for renting townhouses in Dubai are Naseem, then comes Hayat, Noor, Zehra and Safi Townhouses.

The townhouses in Town Square Dubai are pretty affordable, and the tenants get excellent value for money when they rent a unit in this community.

Naseem Townhouses:

The top community on our list is Naseem Townhouses. Well, it is a gated community that comes with several parks and playgrounds as well. The street view of this community is happening, and the residents love the life at Naseem street.

If you are a family with kids going to school, the townhouses at Naseem can be an ideal choice. Bright, airy, spacious community with impressive facilities for residents. Hospitals, cycling tracks, skate parks and other facilities make this community a perfect choice.

Hayat Townhouses:

One of the most elite and exquisite communities of Town Square Dubai. The modern townhouses of this community are incredibly serene and calm. The natural lighting, fresh air, and uncountable amenities make the community even more special.

Also, there are two different blocks of Hayat Townhouses; Hayat I and Hayat II. There is a massive green park in the center of the community, swimming pools, tennis courts and open green spaces.

Noor Townhouses:

Compared to the other two townhouses, Noor is a new development of Town Square featuring 3 and 4 bedroom homes. Moreover, the rents are pretty affordable. However, the quality is not at all compromised.

Zahra Townhouses:

Another popular community of Town Square is Zehra. It is amongst the first communities that Nshama in Town Square Dubai created. The uncountable facilities include; swimming pools, green spaces, trails, cycling and walking areas. You will also find cinema’s, restaurants and waterparks near the community.

Safi Townhouses:

You can rent a spacious townhouse in Safi. Homes with large windows allow the natural light to fill the home with calmness. The sleek, minimalistic designed houses will enable you to give a personal touch to your home.


UNA Apartments:

UNA Apartments is another stunning construction by Nshama. Moreover, it is quite a popular area for tenants looking for apartments in a calm place.

Not to mention, the outstanding features and numerous facilities of UNA apartments is commendable. Once you get an apartment, you will indeed feel like royalty.

Hayat Boulevard:

Another popular community where you can rent a fancy apartment in Town Square is Hayat Boulevard. The community is surrounded by supermarkets, restaurants, outlets and shops. There are a lot of parks and open spaces that offer residents a break from their busy life.

Zahra Breeze Apartments:

Are you looking for a spacious apartment with an elegant design? Zahra Breeze Apartments is a pretty good option. The homes are airy, with natural light, promising a comfortable life. Moreover, you can also get 1-2-3 bedroom apartments in Zehra Breeze.

Zahra Apartments:

Well maintained apartment, Zahra, is one of the most popular communities near Town Square Dubai. The units are exceptionally designed, keeping a luxurious lifestyle in mind.

Rawda Apartments:

Shopaholic? Get an apartment at Rawda; the area is full of retail outlets and supermarkets. Rawda Apartments comprises four towers with views of the locality. The impressive facilities make this place even more ideal.



Well, Town Square Dubai is gaining popularity each passing day. The exceptional facilities, comfortable lifestyle, and calmness is indeed commendable. However, there are other communities as well that give extensive amenities. But, Town Square is an ideal choice.


It depends upon the features of the unit. Villas are enormous as compared to townhouses. However, townhouses give more of a relaxing and vibrant feeling at the same time. You can explore both the sections of townhouses and villas for a better understanding.

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