Top 10 Must Read Books in Your Lifetime by Indian Authors

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Books are escaped for those who do not believe in the chaos of this world. In India, with billions of population and millions of books, it gets challenging to choose the best books to read. Though every book is unique and special in its way, we have the list of top 10 must-read books of all time. These are the best selling or award-winning books that will blow your mind once you read them. In the end, you will find a list of more books that you can read, but here is the must-read book list.

Top 10 Best Books to read of all time by Indian Authors

Train to PakistanWhen we talk about the books by Indian authors, this book by Khushwant Singh is the first name that comes into your mind. This book reveals the story of the partition of India and Pakistan. The story is a huge effort to bring a reflection of the society, the stories against religions. The book is as essential for today’s generation as it would have been for those in 1947. It is one of the must-read novels. But beware if you read, it has no happy ending.

The Great Indian Novel

India is the largest democracy and the most entertaining subject in India is politics. Whenever there is a discussion regarding political books, Shashi Tharoor books are the perfect one to read. This book has presented Indian politics with some crisp of Mahabharata. If politics interests you, this is a must-read book for you.

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A Suitable Boy

The book by author Vikram Seth is considered a gem of the Indian contemporary Literature. The book is very long, but every page is worth reading it. It is one of the best novels to read as it goes to the depth of the Indian society and has a taste similar to that of munshi Premchandra stories.

The God of Small Things

This is Arundhati Roy’s debut novel. It is another one of the must-read novels that won the Booker Prize. Its injustice to read the book in one go, but you will feel the pain and enjoy the happiness of the characters. The writing and Literature is marvellous, and it truly deserves a Booker prize.

A Fine Balance

This is another excellent book that is written about the period of “the emergency” during the tenure of Indira Gandhi as a Prime Minister. The story revolves around the four primary characters of the novel that reflects the Indian society then in 1975.

Palace of Illusions

We all have heard about Mahabharata, and we all know it is a book to read in a lifetime. But this very book by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is another epic book that dictates the same story of Mahabharata with the narration of Draupadi. The story of Draupadi is Untold in the old epic, but Divakaruni has told the story of Panchali tactfully in this great book.

Midnight’s Children

Here we have another must-read book and Booker prize winner by Salman Rushdie. The book also won the “Booker of bookers” award twice. Midnight’s Children portrays the journey of India from British rule to Independence and the partition of India and Pakistan. The book is a gem of Indian Literature, and it has also been included in the list of 100 books to read before you die.

White Tiger

The book has a thrilling first-person narrative with the perspective of a young man stricken by poverty. Balaram Halwai, the narrator of the novel, moves from a small village to Delhi to work as a chauffeur for the elite. This book by Arvind Adiga touches on the social issues of India. It also won the Booker prize award is the debut novel of the author.

Q & A

This excellent novel by Vikas Swarup has been adapted into a movie very well known as “Slumdog Millionaire”. Q & A book is about a waiter boy who won the most famous Indian quiz show only to be sent to prison being accused of cheating. The movie won several Oscars, and the book was also nominated for the “Commonwealth Writer’s” Prize.

The Guide

It is a great Indian book by R. K. Narayan, the most sold and celebrated author of India. The story portrays the story of the fictional city Malgudi created by Narayan. It reveals the story of a corrupt tour guide Railway Raju and the series of events that happened with him. Ultimately, he turns into a spiritual guide and one of the holy men in India.

This is the list of top 10 books by India authors you must read once in your lifetime.


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