Tips and Tricks for Searching Google Like a Pro

Searching Google Like a Pro

You will agree that a day will not go by without an average individual engaging in a Google search. Google is a dominant force in the search engine industry, and it is the standard search engine of web and mobile browsers like Opera Mini, Chrome, and many others. Google remains one of the best online tools to figure out everything that ranges from facts, shoe ideas to other things that you’re willing to research.

Google has an optimum advantage for its ease of use. The webpage provides a single area that allows you to enter a query in the search bar. Of course, simplicity has an excellent appeal. But we may not know that the Google search bar is fraught with complexities. It’s much more than the query you type in the search bar. In this case, we will explore how users can leverage the search bar to achieve a fulfilling result. 

In any case, users need some hacks to help them to tailor their searches to figure out what they want to see. Brands need to understand how to use Google to streamline their websites for excellent search engine optimization results. This way, their websites or content can rank better on Google. 

Let’s look at a few tips and tricks for searching Google like a pro.

The Beauty of Asterisk

The asterisk is more like a trump card during a Google survey. You can use it to replace a missing word or a part of a query, and it is also helpful when you are looking for something that’s barely quantifiable. 

For instance, a search for the phrase “doctor” will display the result “doctor” but also show “doctor”, “doctored,” and other words that begin with a doctor. 

Look out for the Exact Phrase

The fool-proof way to survey specific words is to utilize quotation marks in a phrase, and it will allow you to figure out the meaning of those words in a typical order. 

For instance, searching for the name “Rachael Park” will display results with both “Rachael” and “Park” but not necessarily in sequential order. However, you will come across only the individuals who bear the name when you search using quotation marks—”Rachael Park.” 

The exact word search is beneficial for eliminating more general but less useful results.

Search within a Site 

Some sites have unique search bars, but numerous ones do not. However, you can still survey the website with Google by inserting “” in the search bar.  

For instance, site:


You will agree that you can explore every word on Google once you put your query in the search bar. However, if you desire to pair your search queries with numerous standalone phrases, you can achieve this with the “OR” phrase.  

For instance, you can explore the phrase “growth catalyst” and the phrase “growth variable” at a go by entering “growth catalyst OR growth variable.” 

However, make sure you capitalize the phrase “OR” for the hack to work. 


Instead of wasting time on other variables for the calculator, it will help to invest in Google. It can serve as your calculator, solving your arithmetical problems. All you need to get things done is to type the plus symbols, minus symbols, asterisks, and other symbols to indicate your arithmetic activities. In special circumstances, you can also use brackets. Let’s take a look.

(5+3) * (8/2)

Word Exclusion

The minus symbol allows you to fish out words that shouldn’t display in the search results. For instance, if you want a page about Coke that don’t mention other carbonated drinks, it will help to use the following:

Coke-other beverages

Currency Conversions

For individuals planning to flee to another country in search of greener pastures, it will help to get the hang of the recent currency exchange rate. Google does an excellent job of achieving that.  

What’re 20 pounds in England? Do they even use pounds in England? All you need to do is to type 20 pounds or pounds to USD in the search bar, and the search result will display the amount of the currency used and its type. 

Time Zone

Do you desire to know the time in the United Kingdom? It will help to type “time United Kingdom.” It will display results on the time, similar time zone, and date. 

Track Stocks

You can also track your stock performance through Google. How does it work? You can type the acronym “INFY” or other relevant stock exchange acronyms in the search bar. 

Weather Forecast

Google will also help you to track both the present and future atmospheric conditions. It will help to enter your location’s postal code or zip code to find out.

Search for Educational Sites

If you want a piece of information from a scholarly or educational platform, it will help to restrict your search to those websites. 

It would be best to leverage the “site: Edu” parameter to get search results from educational websites. 

Let’s look at how to apply the parameter mentioned above.

For instance, if you are looking for fitness content on a scholarly website, it will help to type “site: Edu fitness.”

Monitor a Package

If you’ve ordered an item online, you can leverage Google to track your order. It will help to type your package tracking number to see when it will arrive. 

 Stay on Track with Your Favourite Team

It would be best if you typed your favorite team names on Google to see the recent box score. It will help to do that when the game is ongoing to figure out when next they will play. 

What about you? What life-changing tricks do you frequently leverage on Google Search?


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