The Top Five Ways to Prevent Home Pests

Home Pests

Pests get into your home through small passageways. Your walls may appear solid and impenetrable, but the smallest of cracks are the perfect entrance for insects. It is impossible to make your home insect-proof. When you open your window for fresh air, insects can get through tears on your screen. Every time you enter your home and use your door, it is an open gateway for pests. However, there are different ways you can prevent home pest infestations. The goal of pest prevention is to save you the expense of needing home pest control services and ensure a habitable living space.

  1. Check Your Exterior

The first step to prevent pest infestation is to check the exterior of your home for openings. A common rule of thumb is if you can put a pencil through a gap or space, a small mouse can enter and make your home their home. You should use a flashlight and mirror to look for cracks and openings. A crack is hard to see without a flashlight. If you cannot physically reach an area of your home, a mirror will help extend your vision. You only can identify potential areas and seal them, once you have discovered them. This is why the first tip and trick to home pest prevention is identifying the weaknesses in your home.

Tools to purchase:

  • Mirror
  • Flashlight
  1. Fill Foundational Gaps and Cracks

After you have identified gaps and cracks, you must seal them. Insects and critters will try and find a warm place during colder months. It is suggested you fully seal your home before the fall and winter weather. If you have a foundational gap in stone or near your siding, you can use mesh to stuff the hole. After the hole is stuffed, you will use expanding foam sealant to fill in the rest. Expanding is the best type of sealant as it will fill in the spaces in and around the mesh, creating a tight impenetrable seal.

Tools to purchase:

  • Mesh
  • Expanding foam sealant
  1. Seal Trim and Siding

Areas around your window trim will wear and tear over time. Your siding may have been damaged due to wind and hail storms. As these materials wear, they will split and crack. You don’t want to use an expanding sealant with your trimming and siding because it will make your house look like a poorly made gingerbread house. To keep the best curb appeal, you will want to use clear acrylic latex caulking glue. Clear caulking glue is used in many home construction projects as it provides an amazing seal without compromising the look of your home.

Tools to purchase:

  • Clear acrylic latex caulking glue
  1. Get Professional Help

Home pest control services like Quality Affordable Pest Control will help you to eliminate any rodents and insects in your home. Sometimes a pest infestation can go unseen, as they are already in your walls, basement, and attic. A pest control professional will fully inspect your home for any type of infestation. As you work to protect your home, pest control can identify and eliminate any current infestations. They will also provide further suggestions. They may find openings and gaps you missed during your inspection. Professionals are experienced and trained to look for the areas of concern.

  1. Keep it Clean

Insects and rodents love your crumbs. Keeping your dishes clean, floors swept, and counters sanitized goes a long way to prevent an infestation. Leaving food out will attract flyers, cockroaches, and mice. You should always properly store your food in sealed containers as well as consider the proper temperatures. For example, food that requires refrigeration should go back into the refrigerator after use. A clean home will deter hungry critters.

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