Ultimate Checklist Before You Rent a Vehicle

Rent a Vehicle

It is always a pleasure to wander across the globe. Whether you are alone, with family or friends, or zipping about for work, vehicle rental can be a great way to explore the world. It also helps you chill and get things done at your own pace.

However, I always wish I would have a vehicle rental checklist at my disposal when I started to travel. It is the very reason you forget certain things when you are at the checkout desk. Although when you are traveling, you should have access to go for a vehicle rental that makes your sightseeing experience easy-going, most people rush into it and miss out on something.

I have learned never to look for a vehicle at the airport. Apart from this one pointer, here are some of the vehicle rental checklists that you need to take into consideration: You can also visit completeuteandvanhire.com.au to get more info about rentals.

Checklist While booking

  • Is there adequate space for all the passengers, including luggage, car seats, golf clubs, pushchairs, and anything else that will take a lot of space?
  • Are you good at driving? Several countries like Europe have manual cars as opposed to automatic. Do you need an international driving permit?
  • Can your vehicle rental take care of the road? Is there a requirement for a 4WD for off-road terrain? Are you looking for snow chains, especially if traveling the Himalayas?
  • Are you renting a small vehicle? Smaller is especially helpful for driving in the city. The only criterion is that all the passengers should fit into it.
  • Do you need child car seats?
  • Do you need vehicle insurance? Are you looking for additional drivers? Vehicle rental companies frequently utilize them as an upsell opportunity when you get the keys. Contemplate hard upon the options, research thoroughly and then take the right call.
  • Have an advance plan in your mind as to where you are heading with the vehicle. There might be many tourist attractions and landmarks that you might be interested in. Always have a plan in your mind before booking the vehicle to have a smooth journey.
  • The vehicle rental company will ask you to pay via credit card in several countries. In other places, cash would be the preferred mode of payment. Before you fly, research the payment mode accepted in the country you are traveling and plan accordingly so that you do not have to pay for steep charges unnecessarily.
  • Vehicle rental periods typically are in day blocks of time. Ensure that you leave enough space in your booking for any normal delays due to traffic, etc.

On pickup (encompassing vehicle inspection checklist)

  • Ascertain whether you would need to fill in petrol or diesel in the vehicle? Also, check on which side the fuel cap is on.
  • Always have the emergency breakdown numbers at your disposal and inquire what to do in a situation where you lose the key. Ensure that you have a duplicate copy of the vehicle rental agreement or a form handy.
  • Ascertain the returns process. This is particularly important if you return the vehicle outside business hours. Do you need to give the keys to a specific person?
  • Carefully inspect the vehicle to find any obvious damage and ascertain the conditions of the tires in particular.
  • Before taking the vehicle for a drive, meticulously look at the fuel level and miles as seen on the dashboard and note them down. Also, ask whether you need to bring the vehicle back with a full tank or empty?
  • Ascertain whether the car has a manual, jack, spare tire, and lug wrench present.
  • Look out for the lights, mirrors, and windscreen wipers. Always drive in the parking lot before leaving the spot.
  • Ascertain whether you can locate the reverse gear as it differs from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Always have all your road trip requisites at your disposal like water, snacks, Sat Nav, music, etc., and then go for a long drive.
  • Ensure that the vehicle has enough space for all the vehicles and the luggage.
  • Make sure to get the full damage waiver insurance for the vehicle rental.
  • Ensure that the vehicle you are renting has license plates and be careful where you park it once you pick it up.

Rental vehicle return checklist

  • Note down the mileage and petrol level.
  • Ascertain if any damages have been done on the vehicle and take pictures.
  • Always look under the seats, in the glove box, and in the boot or truck to ascertain whether there is anything that you have left accidentally.
  • Get a receipt or a photograph of the vehicle while you are returning it.

Final Words

Always check out the driving rules of the countries you are visiting before going for vehicle rental. I hope the checklist mentioned in this blog will help you have great fun at your destined location.

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