What Are the Best Treatment Options for Sciatica?


Back pains and resultant leg pains can cause severe discomfort. These pains may cause inflammation, compression, and muscle spasms. The pain may even cause problems to your nerve functioning and neural functioning. In Maryland spine and pain center can help you regardless of whether the pain is mild or severe.

The pain may result from severe problems like sciatica. The pain travels through your back and down to your legs. Over 23% of Maryland’s population is older than 40. However, you may note that sciatica and other similar issues are not always triggered by aging. It’s recommended you visit a pain management specialist at the earliest if you suspect you have sciatica.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is typically the result of damages like herniated discs and bone compression issues—people who deal with sciatica report experiencing radiating pain along their back and down to their legs. Several sciatica patients experience pains in only one side of their body. Herniated discs and bone spurs may cause your spine to narrow. This condition may cause intense pain.

Pain management experts generally use a series of non-invasive procedures to treat the condition. However, you may want to ensure you choose a certified expert for sciatica treatment. These experts undergo formal training in treatment options. Additionally, the experts use high-quality diagnostic and assessment tools to determine the severity and magnitude of the condition.

The treatment option your doctor or pain management expert chooses may also depend on your age and overall health condition. It takes extensive formal training and knowledge of the spinal and nerve structures to perform effective treatments for sciatica. Therefore, it’s vital to choose an expert qualified to treat specific ailments.

Treatment Options

There are a few verified treatment options for sciatica. However, you may note that you may not gain permanent relief from the pain if the underlying condition persists. Pain management specialists may use a combination of physical therapy and medication to treat the condition.

Physical Therapy

Movements and exercises that form part of physical therapy may strengthen your vertebrae and your spine muscles. Physical therapy may also provide long-term relief from inflammation, chronic pain, and muscle spasms.

While physical therapy cannot cure the condition, the therapy may cause your spinal health to improve significantly. The experts may also use heat and cold compression treatment for pain relief. It’s vital to work with a certified physiotherapist or pain management specialist if you have sciatica.


Your doctor or pain management specialist may prescribe pain killers and NSAIDs for pain relief and relief from inflammation. It’s critical to consult a doctor at a Maryland spine and pain center before starting pain medication.

Diskectomy and Laminectomy

Diskectomy is a surgical procedure where the surgeon removes elements that pressure your sciatic nerve and causes the pain. The surgeon may remove an entire disc. Laminectomy is a surgical procedure where the surgeon removes the lamina or tissue that surrounds the spinal cord.

Final Thought

You may consider informing your doctor or pain management specialist of any allergies you may have or medication you are on. The specialist will run necessary tests and scans to choose the best treatment option for you.

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