What is a Void Check & How to Void a Check?

What is a void check

We have so many tasks to be done in our life that requires our banking system and banks are always there for us. We need to make a lot of payments in our daily life. Introduction of ATMs and other services have made these finance-related tasks easier for us but still, most of the payments and especially bulk payments take place with the cheque. A very fine and truly helpful service provided to us by our banks is void check. You might be unaware of the use of this. It is a special kind of check that helps a lot. Well, one interesting thing, this kind of check is not provided by your bank.

What is a void check?

As the name denotes, it is a blank check that does not promise any amount to any payee. If you take a void check to any bank, then it is equal to a blank check without a signature, and this makes it useless? Let’s get to know.

What are the uses of a void check?

  1. If you are writing a check and you make some mistake. Then the check becomes useless, but your signature on that check can be misused. So in that case, we turn out to check into a void check which will be of no use if anyone submits it to the bank.
  2. Your check has a lot of information about your account. It has your account number, your branch name and some other details which are hidden there in one form or the other. So when we want to provide our bank details, then we use a void check. Usually, an employee gives it to the company so that the company can easily get all the information. This way, his salary is directly deposited into the account.
  3. Does that irritate you to write a check every month for rent and other stuff? It does, but using a void check and signing an agreement in the bank, you don’t need to do this every month. The amount will automatically be deducted from your bank account and is transferred to the payee. This makes your life easier.

So now you may ask how to make a void check? Well, it’s a very easy task.

How to Void a Check?

All you need to do is to write the word “VOID” in capital letters on the front of the check. At the same place where you put the name of payee and amount. Write in clear, and big letters VOID on the PAYEE line, PAYMENT AMOUNT BOX, and SIGNATURE LINE.

The word VOID should be large enough to be observed easily, But You don’t need to make it bold, and Just keep it a little large.

Never use a pencil or something similar to that which is easy to be erased to avoid any type of fraud. You should always use a black/blue pen while making a VOID Check.

Note: Even if your sign is available there on the cheque, a void cheque is still invalid. It finds many uses in the world of business and banking.

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