What is Cloud Computing? Benefits of Cloud Computing

what is cloud computing

Cloud computing is an advanced level of processing in today’s world. It is a precious gift of technology to those who have access to a high-speed internet service, using which, we can access different aspects of computing at a whole new level.

What is Cloud Computing?

The technical definition of cloud computing as per Wikipedia is “Cloud computing is shared pools of configurable computer system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet”. In easy words, let’s understand what is Cloud Computing? It is basically a system that is able to provide us on time and on-demand services. These demands may vary as per our uses.

What can we do using Cloud Computing?

We can store different kinds of data or process different applications or games online and on-demand using high-speed internet. Now let me tell you what is Cloud Computing with an example? We all have some idea of what google drive is. So google drive is also a kind of cloud server. There, we can store our data (pictures, videos, documents or some other kind of data).

Such data will not consume any space on your device but it will easily be accessed online whenever you need it. So, to access the services of Cloud Computing, all we need is high-speed internet and some hardware devices as per the need of the purpose. The same example describes, what is Cloud Storage?

How do Cloud Computing works?

Well, for a company, it’s not easy to develop a complete hardware infrastructure to operate a particular program. It consumes more money and effort. Here we get the chances to utilize Cloud Computing at its best. This is one of the best benefits of using it. The use of Cloud Computing provides us with the benefit of using the same program or software or application without using a big infrastructure of hardware devices. It makes the task easier. Most of the services we need are usually provided by it like storage, application access, etc. So rather than buying these devices and software, companies or users prefer to get the same on rent using this.

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As we have different uses of Cloud Computing, we also have different types of Cloud Computing. A single kind of Cloud cannot be used for all the purposes of a computer system. We need different kinds of Cloud Computing for every different task.

Here we discuss the different categories of Cloud Computing.

The division depends on the mode of categorization. Based on deployment, we have 3 types of Cloud Computing.
  1. Public: – The name itself suggests the category of this section. Here, a cloud is shared by many users or companies. The infrastructure of the cloud remains at the premises of the Cloud Computing Company not the user so basically, a user does not have any access to the cloud physically. Such clouds are good and cheap but they are extremely vulnerable to attacks as they are utilized by many users at a time.
  2. Private: – In such a cloud, the company has its own cloud and no one else can access it. We can have the Cloud in our own premises but it is a little more expensive. This kind of cloud provides more security.
  3. Hybrid: – There are some cases where a single cloud cannot do the job. We need different clouds. For example, the band may need a public cloud to connect to their customers and a private cloud to keep their account info. In such cases, we use both public and private clouds together.
Based on the service, we have three major types of Cloud Computing.
  1. Infrastructure as a service (IAAS): – Such Cloud provides us with storage space or virtual servers. The examples of such clouds maybe Amazon or Google Drive. This is the most used type of Cloud Computing.
  2. Platform as a service (PAAS): – Just like the name illustrates, a PAAS provides us with different development platforms which include an operating system, programming language, etc. Examples of this can be Microsoft Azure.
  3. Software as a service (SAAS): – Well, this is one kind which we use a lot. Here we use the software using the cloud. Its examples are widely used Gmail, Google docs, etc.

Advantages or Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  1. Cost-efficient
  2. High speed
  3. Easily accessible
  4. Backup of devices is easy to store
  5. Easily Manageable.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing:

  1. Vulnerable to attack
  2. Limited Control
  3. Vendor Lock-in: If you want to transfer from one cloud to another, it’s not easy.
  4. Internet-dependent completely
  5. Downtime: As the cloud offers services to so many users at a time, it may sometimes come to a halt.

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