When Should I Contact an Employment Lawyer If I’ve Been Let Go?

Employment Lawyer

Navigating the world of employment and contractual agreements can be simple at face value. However, when you lift up the hood to peek inside, you’ll realize that there are a lot more factors at play. As is the case with many areas of law, employment law is especially detailed, especially with respect to dismissals.

Say, for instance, you have been let go from your job at a company. Everyone’s personal circumstances will vary of course. What separates your dismissal from others is the type of scenario you find yourself in during or post-dismissal. Keep the following tips in mind, in order to contact an employment lawyer when the time is right.

  1. The Contract

At the end of the day, you should always become familiar with your contract prior to signing on the dotted line. Contracts, in the world of employment today, can be especially thorough, down to the very last detail. As a result, double check the section that pertains to dismissal. For the most part, all the information you require will be here.

Moreover, you’ll be able to use the information here when trying to get your case heard. All other matters that relate to dismissal may be present in subsections throughout the contract. It is in your best interest to know your contract inside and out, should you decide to take action!

  1. Significant Contract Changes

In the most general of senses, your employer cannot change your contract after it has been acknowledged. Should more significant changes become apparent, there may need to be another discussion held between all relevant parties. The result of this involves an entirely new agreement being created.

However, if there is a hefty change to your agreement, to which you do not abide by and are subsequently dismissed, action is needed. That is why it is crucial to know your rights, with respect to your contract.

  1. Discriminatory Pay

Since most of your employment will consist of what is involved in your contract, things should run smoothly. Compensation is another key area, in regards to how much you will earn while on the job. If you find that you are being paid less because of some discriminatory reason, you need to contact a lawyer.

Discrimination of any kind is rendered illegal, and could help your case out a lot if you are dismissed for taking action. All negotiations with your employer that are not successful should be documented, in order to cover your bases. That way, you’ll be able to build a viable case soon after.

  1. Retaliation

Your employer is not able to direct you to take any action in the workplace that is considered illegal. Should they do this, and you refuse to participate, there may be some circumstances in which you are dismissed. This wrongful termination can then be used in court, when you are trying to sue the employer.

  1. Disabilities And Medical Leave

One of the most discussed areas of wrongful termination has to do with letting go of a worker due to a disability. Or, the employee in question may be on medical leave and not physically or mentally able to conduct their duties. Both scenarios can be used to justify a countersuit.

  1. Employment Lawyer

Above all else, if you’ve been let go for an illegal or unjustified reason, it is time to reach out to an Toronto employment lawyer. These individuals are adeptly trained to determine causes for wrongful termination. Their services will go a long way in ensuring you are well compensated for the wrongful termination!

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