Cost-Effective Ideas to Decorate your Bathroom and Make it Look Luxurious

Ideas to Decorate your Bathroom

Nobody considers the bathroom to be one of their favourite rooms in the house. When it comes to decorating, there’s no reason to overlook the bathroom. But after seeing these fantastic ideas, you might reconsider! 

This list has everything you need to give your bathroom a makeover, from pretty decor ideas to clever storage solutions.

  • Bathroom Wall Art

There’s no need to stare at your bathroom’s blank walls. Water-resistant and cost-effective, treated canvas prints are a great option. To get the most visual impact, go for oversized proportions. Have a local printer turn a favourite photo into customized wall art for a unique look.

Canvas prints can now be created and laminated for water resistance by custom printers. A personal and refreshing way to decorate your bathroom walls is with a wall gallery of favourite objects. It may include starfish or baskets. You could also consider creating your artwork or shopping at online places like ElephantStock.

  • Rustic Wooden Bathroom Storage Ladder

A simple bathroom idea provides extra storage in one of your home’s smallest but most used rooms. The rustic ladder made of weathered wood adds a rustic focal point to an otherwise bare area of the bathroom. More rungs can be added for towel bars, or shelves and baskets can be added for more storage.

  • Pretty Tiled Wall Mirror

You don’t have to choose between a plain mirror and a decorative mirror that costs a lot of money. All you need to do is build a mirror frame out of wood and then decorate it with tile and grout. You can give your bathroom a tiled look with this simple idea. It’s the ideal focal point above your bathroom vanity.

  • DIY Rope Wrapped Waste Basket

Jute gives your bathroom a natural and rustic feel. Use a hot glue gun, and a plain wastebasket is transformed into a one-of-a-kind jute wastebasket. You can make it all one colour of jute or use multiple shades of mute to make stripes. After you’ve finished with the wastebasket, think about other DIY bathroom ideas that use jute to add texture to your space.

  • Farm House Blue Bathroom Cabinets

Incorporate elements of the traditional farmhouse colour palette into your bathroom. For example, painting your bathroom vanity and other cabinetry will make them stand out and make them less boring. To highlight the cabinets, add more colour with throw rugs, shower curtains, towels, and floral arrangements.

  • New Powder Room Flooring

Most home improvement stores carry affordable, durable vinyl floor planks in various wood species and patterns. They’re looking for texture and imperfections on the surface, similar to what you’d find on a natural wood floor or stone tile. Scoring with a blade, peeling, and sticking is all that is required for installation. 

The best part is that vinyl floors are usually waterproof and have extended wear and tear warranties. The rugs are made of industrial-strength materials and have a rubber backing that adds padding and comfort to your bathroom floor.

  • Declutter Your Space

This trendy tip requires no special equipment or a set budget, making it one of our most cost-effective budget bathroom ideas. Simply tidy up your bathroom by storing lesser-used items or discarding cosmetics, lotions, gels, and ointments that have passed their expiration date. 

However, if you’re unsure what goes in the trash, look for a tub icon on the back of your packaging. This will tell you how long you should keep the product after it’s been opened.

  • Inexpensive Updates to Towels and Rugs

You’ve reached the end of the bathroom decorating process. This part is similar to tying a big bow around a present. Replace your old, mismatched towels with soft, fluffy ones that match your new bathroom decor by donating or throwing them away.

For a modern bathroom design touch, use an accent colour or pattern. To refresh the look of your powder room, look for the following essential textiles: 

  • Towels – Use a floor mat to experiment with new textures and colour shades. Look for materials that are both comfortable and unique.
  • Curtain for the shower- Choose a shower curtain with a pattern or print that matches your towels and rugs. 
  • Hanging Flower Pot Wall Art

Attaching canning jars to a board to hold small items or floral displays becomes more sophisticated. You can go for a rustic farmhouse look. Copper cups and a coloured cord were used. 

It also provides warmth and conjures up images of copper pots and tea kettles. Brushes and small make-up items are organized in this attractive and straightforward DIY project.

The Bottom line

You don’t have to do a complete bathroom remodel to breathe new life into your space. A few low-cost purchases can live a new life in your bathroom right away. 

These budget-friendly bathroom decor ideas will help you change up the visual plane of your bathroom without breaking the bank.

By Liam Oliver

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