Designer Clothing for Petite Women: Top Five Retailers

Designer Clothing

Shopping for clothes in the petite department doesn’t have to leave you frustrated. Some of today’s leading designers are creating unique styles and collections with dynamic cuts for petite women. From capris to dresses, elegant ensembles, to casual Saturday weekend wear, there are plenty of options available for women who don’t fit into standard sizes. 

These days everyone wants to share their “Outfit of the Day” or OOTD on Instagram. There’s no reason petite women shouldn’t join in on the fun. This article will give you suggestions on where to shop for your petite frame, so you can post them on Instagram and TikTok. Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy it so much you may start sharing your shopping experience on TikTok. By the way, you can totally start a TikTok channel to document your shopping. Don’t forget to use TikTokStorm to boost your account!

Petite bone structures are very different from normal and average frames; not only are the proportions smaller, but clothes can fit completely differently on these body types. So if you’re a petite woman looking for a fresh new designer to add to your wardrobe, here are just five that will soon become your favourite!

Best Place for Petite Collections: Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor showcases a large designer collection, offering name brands ranging from Jones New York, Laundry, and Jessica McClintock. IF you’re looking for the perfect designer jeans, be sure to check out Lauren Jean Co. and Kate Hill. These customized cuts give you some great options in classic and fashionable styles. You’ll also find plenty of shirts and tops that fit a T; Eileen Fisher, Lauren, and Nexx are a few collections to stay on the lookout for.

Top Pick for Signature Petite Brands: Blair

Blair offers a signature collection of clothing specifically for petite women, and you’ll have plenty of career wear and basic staples here. Shop online for great deals each season, and be sure to make the best of the clearance section for last-minute savings. This is the place to get all your basics in order; pant sets, tank tops, cardigan sets, and plenty of skirts that are perfectly fitted for your figure. It’s a good idea to check the Style & Fit guide with your measurements, making it much easier to gauge your perfect size accurately.

Top Choice for Elegant Petite Ensembles:

Sometimes you need more than the little black dress. So when you’re on the hunt for the perfect cocktail dress, be sure to check in with The petite choices here range from the best of private label collections and a handful of well-recognized designers. Nicole Miller, Melly M, Nanette Lepore, and BCBG are a few of your stylish options. If you want to browse more brands, you can also find creative inspiration from Betsey Johnson, Jill Stuart, Custo Barcelona, and Rebecca Taylor.

Best Place for Petite Private Label: Peruvian Connection

For a unique and distinguished look, browse the Peruvian Connection. This contemporary line features classic and polished styles from a private collection. You’ll find some great T-neck dresses, tunics, Italian-inspired knits, and sundresses to complete your season’s wardrobe. Also, a catalog available for some inspiring ideas on ensembles for the next season; be sure to check out the accessories too!

Top Pick for Petite Casual and Classy: Banana Republic

Dressy or casual, Banana Republic is another great resource for those smaller figures. If you’ve been eyeing your best friend’s dark wash jeans but just couldn’t find your size, rest assured that your needs can be fulfilled. The petite collection can be browsed online and gives you plenty of options in cropped pants, dresses, sweaters, and blouses. From suit collections to coats, you can create your entire wardrobe from just a visit or two. Use the Petite Fit Guide to find your ideal size.

Today’s leading designers and top brands are paying attention to the needs of the petite customer; from casual to elegant, there’s no shortage of clothing options if you don’t fit the average sizes at the store. In addition, online browsing gives you the freedom to review and compare entire collections, so go ahead and start shopping with these top five retailers and say goodbye to that tailor!

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