15 Hindi Words that are Difficult to Translate into English

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Although Hindi and English are originated from a similar group of European languages, however, there are a handful of words that are not possible to translate from Hindi to the English language.

Let us have a look some at of the Hindi words which are hard to translate into English.


The word Jootha means to a thing or an item that has been in prior use by someone or taken in use by some individual beforehand. This using of the thing or item can be either by physical touch or by mouth. For better understanding, if an individual drink soft juice from a glass, and the second person without washing it or directly using the glass for drinking or consuming something else, is known as a first “jootha”.


Dhaba is a word that is extensively or broadly preferred to portray an eatery. The twist is the eatery in simple words is understood as a place with ceilings, fans, table, barmen and bartenders, waiters, menu, etc. and the things going on. The twist with this word is that this kind of eatery is only seen in India around the whole world. Most probably seen on Highways alongside roads. A usual Dhaba is a place with old times and villages like cots and cane chairs.


Kanyadaan is an Indian Hindi word which is explained as a practice that is enacted majorly at weddings of the Hindu religion. It is done by the bride’s dad, which can be described as handing over his most precious belonging to the groom, which he believes will be taken good care of by the groom.


Jigyasa has multiple definitions in Hindi to the English language. It is dependent on the method it has been posted. The probable meaning of the word Jigyasa can either be doubt, demand, eagerness or inquisitiveness.


The word Rakhi is a Hindi word which describes a thread or a string which appears as a wristband. This wristband is tied by a sister on a brother’s wrist. It is an indication of love from a sister to her brother as a vow. To safeguard her from all evils under any circumstances.

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Moksha, better known as Moksha is a divine concept in Hinduism and Jainism. Hence it justifies staying care free of the birth cycle or rebirth incardination or karma’s law. The upper stage, which is obtained by oneself, is known as Moksha or Moksha.


The word has two forms. It is used for both males and females. For males, it is Kalmooha and Kalmoohi for females. In spite, it is used as an adjective used for the negative description of an individual who is nothing at all but a waste of flesh and blood. In short good for nothing.


Rimjhim is a simple Hindi word which is taken into consideration to portray rain sweet and melodiously. It quickly interprets a shower or a moderate rainfall. However, Rimjhim is more focused on happiness and delight, which is accompanied and welcomed when rain and monsoon arrive.


The word Ghamasan in the Hindi language is explained as something destructive and which is sober up to an extreme level to describe in a better way to explain how crooked something is or can be.


The word Indriya belongs to the Hindi language to grab control over all senses which accounts to be 5 in number. It is subjected to a loose end or taken seriously; it can be used to show the demand and need to snag control over huge temptations.


To translate Hindi to English language’s grammar or metaphorically that can be explained as heavy and dark clouds. It showcases the feeling of a heavy heart that carries pain or grief which one has carried so far in the long run.


Jivisha being a Hindi word can be defined as the deep demand to live and continue living up to an extreme level and highest sense of a being.


When an individual is witnessing a performance arts whether in dance or musical form, cinema, or theatre, the word Rasa is a willingness or a shape of communication with integrated movements of eyes, feet along vocal cords.


The word adda refers to a place or spot where friends of a common circle get together to have fun and make their spent time fun. However, an Adda is a spot wherein the individual can get along with his companions on a day to day or regular basis.


Jugaad can be explained as a simple shaped word that refers to fetch the most cost-effective solution or method to crack a way out or a method of dealing with a distinct situation.

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