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It only existed in the past that people used to stand in big queues to buy tickets and watch their favourite sports, movies, concerts, or any other such entertaining kind of stuff. Nowadays, people are not interested in such time-consuming processes. They like to book these things online without any wastage of time or the discomfort of traveling to the booking centers and their wait in a long line for their turn to come. The Internet has provided the facility of booking all kinds of such tickets online, and startups like BookMyShow and TicketNew are becoming popular. You can now use these platforms to get access to booking tickets of any sort that you want to purchase online. All you need is just a valid account, payment option, and of course, the Internet.

Today, we will discuss everything about the Ticketnew and provide a complete guide on how to operate on this and will help you book all your tickets in minutes.

What is TicketNew?

Founded by the trio Ramkumar, Ravishankar, and V Sasi Raman, TicketNew started operating in 2007. It is one of the popular online platforms for booking tickets such as theatres, movies, sports, plays, events, and many more and has emerged as a big giant in e-commerce ticket booking service providers. Its partnership with all-important multiplexes existing in the country has contributed significantly to make this startup a big triumph.

Spread in about 300 cities in the country with over 250 employees working. This company has a robust network, and this network has made its services accessible even in the country’s rural areas. The famous Alibaba pictures from China also brought significant stakes in this startup. This financial help has helped it compete with other competitors like BookMyShow, which have dominated the market earlier.

How to book tickets on TicketNew?

First of all, you need to visit the official site ticketnew.com or look for the mobile app available on the Apple Store and Google PlayStore. Then, you have to complete the registration with TicketNew by using your email ID. Ince everything is done, you will find details of all the theatres on the app that are near your location, along with the details of movies, their date, and timings, and all other information like the availability of seat class, etc.

 We are providing step by step guide to use the app to book the ticket below.

  • Download the application, and after logging in, select the show that you want to book.
  • After choosing the ticket to be purchased, you need to go to the payment section and select the desired payment method.
  • After clicking on approval, you will get your e-ticket, which will open new worlds of entertainment!

Can I cancel my tickets on TicketNew?

You are currently not provided with the facility of refund or things like exchanging your tickets that you purchased on this platform. So, be sure about going if you buy it.

I hope you found this helpful.


Image Source: “ticketnew.com”

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