What Do You Do When A Pet Dies?

Pet Dies

People adopt pets for various reasons, but they all share the same motivation—to share their love for animals. So, when your trusted companion jumps on the rainbow bridge, it could be devastating.

However, we could still do something to honor their deaths and have a way to still have them with us physically, and it is through keeping their ashes in pet urns.

Since most pet deaths are unexpected and often happens at home, the situation leads you to panic. So, hear us out because we might have the answers you need.

What you should do?

The first thing you would have to do if you suspect that your pet has died is to call your vet to verify if your pet is dead to avoid confusion that would cause unnecessary problems.

Once you have confirmed their death, we suggest calling your local animal control to dispose of your pet’s remains. Typically, their services are cheap or even free sometimes depending on where you live.

After that, you would have to decide if you’ll opt for traditional pet burial or avail of a pet cremation service by your preference. If you want to feel still close to your late companion, then it’ll be better if you cremate them before keeping the urn of their ashes.

Frankly, that’s a popular choice at the moment. And we’re here to tell you why.

What are the benefits of pet cremation?

It’s cheaper

Burying your deceased companion in a pet cemetery could be costly since you’ll be charged according to the size of your pet. The larger they are, the more expensive it could be because of the area that would have to be reserved as its burial.

Keep in mind that weather changes constantly happen, along with some natural disasters that could later put dirt on the pet’s grave. To solve this, a pet owner would have to pay a fee for cleaning to ensure that their favorite buddy’s grave is in the best condition at all times.

Meanwhile, if you’ll cremate your pet’s remains, you would only have to buy an urn and then ask the help of a pet cremation company.

It’s a one-time payment situation, wherein you’ll be responsible for keeping your pet’s ashes safe instead of passing that duty to other workers.

Legality issues

Even if you decide not to acquire a pet burial service, governing laws restrict individuals from burying their pets’ remains in their backyard. This could potentially lead to several issues like hitting a sewer pipe or a water gas.

So, what about those who are allowed to perform a private burial? Even if this activity adheres to their state’s laws, certain limitations still apply to them.

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As a result, many have taken an interest in pet cremation as this provides them with more flexibility in handling the remains. Also, it’s their choice if they would scatter the ashes or keep them in their home.

Either way, they have the assurance that their pet’s remains wouldn’t be disturbed by other people while keeping a close eye on it.

It’s convenient

The process of pet burial is much more complicated than just walking in a pet cremation facility to deliver the remains. In return, you’ll receive a packet of ashes, ready to be placed on an urn.

Your choice of urn could vary depending on your reasons. If you’d like to make the urn an additional ornament in your home, then maybe purchasing a figurine, memorial picture, and glass pet urns would work best for you.

Not to forget that if these things are not at par with your standards, you could simply request a customized urn inspired by your strong relationship with a deceased pet.

Of course, people have been experimental enough to trail away from the traditional by keeping their pet’s ashes into glasswork or memorial jewelry.

In the end, we’re all just trying to make our grieving process more tolerable, so do what feels comfortable to you and know that your pet will always be grateful for the life you’ve provided them.

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