What is Artificial Intelligence? An Applications of Artificial Intelligence

what is artificial intelligence

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

The early computer dealt with numerical computations. Nowadays computers are involved not only in numerical computations but in reasoning with knowledge also. When AI came into the picture the role of computers turned out to be more useful.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The first question that comes into your mind is what is AI? AI is the study of making a computer that can do work at which people are good at this moment. It can be described as the branch of computer science that deals with the symbolic and non-algorithmic approach to problem-solving.

The aim of artificial learning is to make computers perform tasks that humans tend to be good at. We can say, AI is the investigation in the direction of developing computers that can behave in a smart manner. Coined by John McCarthy in the 60s- artificial intelligence is now a buzz word.

It would be wrong to say that artificial intelligence bridges the gap between human behavior researchers and computer scientists. Computer scientists can look at modeling human behavior as a challenge to their programming abilities: if a person can do something very efficiently, then can we develop a system or a computer program that does the same thing?

Artificial Intelligence Meaning

AI is a way of looking at the problem and solving it from a particular point of view. AI issues length an extremely expansive range. They seem to share almost no for all intents and purpose with the exception of that they are troublesome.

It is an interdisciplinary study that comprises of various subjects. Such as computer science, neuroscience, cognitive science, probability, philosophy, control theory, linguistics, operations study, finances, optimization, and reason.

AI research furthermore, extends beyond robotics, data mining, control systems, facial detection, logistics, scheduling, language recognition, and many more.

Aim: The aim of artificial intelligence is as follows:

  • Developing the Expert System:

The expert system is the one that exhibits smart performance, can learn, express, elucidate, and recommend its users. The idea for such a system has originated from real-world experts who give suggestions and solve our problems.

  • Making Intelligent Machines:

The major aim of artificial intelligence is to develop a system that can comprehend, assume, learn, and act like humans.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial intelligence has already contributed a lot to the present world. Almost all the latest technology is due to the presence of AI. So now we will discuss the applications of AI. Its applications are as follows:

  • Gaming:

These days there are so many games available. These games have amazing and real-world features. This is possible due to AI. So, it would be no wrong to say that artificial intelligence is playing an important part in tactical games such as poker, chess, tic-tac-toe, and many more. In these games, the machine is able to consider a big amount of potential steps on the basis of heuristic understanding.

  • Expert System:

These days, we can find a number of applications that incorporate a device, software, and information for passing on reckoning and advising. They provide justification and suggestions to the user.

  • Natural Language Processing:

We must have seen and used the voice search system of Google search. We can search and browse anything with just our voice. And we get the results too. This is achievable by the artificial intelligence technique.

  • Speech Recognition:

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, these days some systems are competent in hearing and figure out the verbal communication in the form of sentences along with their meanings, while we communicate. It is capable of handling various tones of voice, colloquial speech words, noises in the surroundings, and many more.

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  • Self-driving cars:

These days the development of self-driving cars and other vehicles is in the progress. These cars won’t have drivers and will drive on the basis of analyzing the traffic.

  • Google Maps:

All of us use Google maps. We see real-time traffic and get real-time suggestions for choosing away.

  • Prediction Engine:

E-commerce uses a prediction engine and a lot. Whenever we buy something then we are suggested some more items. This is possible due to artificial intelligence.

  • Visualization System:

With the help of artificial intelligence, we can develop a system that is capable of understanding, comprehending, and predicting an image fed into the system. For example:

    • A spying drone takes pictures of figures. That can be used for further operations or mapping the areas.

The diagnosis of illness and the depiction of internal organs can be performed with the help of artificial intelligence. These days, doctors use the expert system exclusively designed for clinical purposes.

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